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Maija Rebecca Hand Drawn is a paper goods company owned & operated by Portland, Oregon-based artist, Maija Kellner-Rode. Maija draws most of her inspiration from the magic found in nature, the mysterious connection we have to this universe & each other. Her hope is to create art that inspires others to connect with themselves and each other in a more open, honest & vulnerable way, while spreading beauty & love worldwide.

Maija loves to constantly be digging her hands into new mediums. Currently, she consumes most of her time illustrating, watercoloring & digitally designing. 

During her free time, you can find Maija, throwing it down on any dance floor, sharing conversation over meals with friends, hiking in the woods, mentoring youth, or helping out on her family's farm in Bend, Oregon. 

Follow along to see what Maija is up to here @maijarebeccahanddrawn